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The last sentence found in questions asked by most people online. Commonly found in help forums or almost everywhere.

Often looked down upon by others, especially as a first impression.
"Can I get help with this function?

Thanks in advance!"
by Deathspawn February 05, 2010
A post that you make in a thread that you didn't intend to make or just look horrible and you go to delete/edit it really fast.
Johnny made an oops post in Introduction and then edited it to say something else.
by Deathspawn January 31, 2010
Welcome to the forums. Used when you want to greet a newbie and confuse them at the same time. (It looks like WTF.)
New Guy: Hey guys, I am new here, so here is my introduction!

Old Chap: WTTF
by Deathspawn October 12, 2010

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