An acronym for 'what the fuck' often capitalized for emphasis. Commonly used in chatrooms by lazy chatters, video game channels by dueling gamers, in curse-free environments like business or schools, and by sailors on ship over intercom systems who don't want to be cited.

Meanings an variations:
what the fuck
who the fuck
when the fuck
where the fuck
whiskey tango foxtrot (military slang version)
Gamer to gamer
"wtf are you doing on the deck?"
"wtf was she wearing?"
teenage chatroom
by midgetmage January 10, 2008
Second half of the working week – Wednesday–Thursday–Friday
I'll be in Monday and Tuesday; Jo can hot-desk WTF

by Louisa Alexander June 02, 2007
Short for Wow, that's fantastic!
Child: Mom I got perfect!
Mom: WTF!!!
by Goo-good July 27, 2014
An alternate meaning for what is typically associated with this nomenclature. Instead of "What the fuck" let it also mean "With true fairness". This way, it will obtain a much broader range of users especially those who abhor profanity!
WTF it's snowing way too much over here. Or, WTF I did not ask for a coke and fries.
by 2guitarjohn March 28, 2014
Welcome To Facebook

To welcome someone/thing to the international social network of facebook.
1:"WTF teacher!"
1:"For welcoming you to facebook?"
2:"I'm sorry Billy."
by The/shitimizer April 16, 2011
Acronym used for: Where's The Fun?
Person 1: Hey, dude. Let's have fun!
Person 2: Wtf?
Person 1: the bedroom *smirks*
by Lady In A Blue Dress March 19, 2011
Wow That's Fantastic. As opposed to what the fuck, this is used to express joy. Or confuse your friends.
A: Hey, I got a B+ on this test and I didn't even study for it!

B: You did well? WTF!

A: Dude, you don't have to be such a- wait... Thank you!
by SuprJank March 10, 2011

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