1) What the fuck
2) Where the fuck
3) Who the fuck
1) WTF are you doing up at 4:00 in the morning?
2) WTF is the party going to be at?
3) Alright, WTF ate the last piece of pizza?
by Fr3nch fr13s June 11, 2014
by YOUR FUCKING FACE February 12, 2014
abbreviation for 'what the fuck'. Pronounced "Double-you-tee-eff". Could also be abbreviated for Who, where, why, when.
1. Bob: Hey, Joe
Jill: Wtf, no I'm Jill

2. Gorilla: *punches chimpanzee*
Chimpanzee: Wtf was that for?
Person: Wtf!

3. *Billy runs home to find his house got robbed* WTF DID THAT? (Who)

4. *Plane flies off* Fred: *missed plane* WTF did that plane take off without me? (when or why)
by WTF411 January 05, 2014
1)Usually means what the fuck
2)But in some case its want to fuck
1)Wtf is wrong with yu is the usual sentence with this abbrev.

Girl: SURE
by Dat_Babbi June 03, 2013
Why the face?
usually used in modern family
when ppl are sad, or making a face :(
Son.... WTF(why the face)???
by WTF!!??!? October 15, 2012
WardrobeTrendsFashion, a leading fashion blog and lifestyle online magazine.

It can be accessed via the following website urls, WardrobeTrendsFashion.com or WTFSG.com.
"Are you reading WTF?"

The usage of WTF in this sentence (above) will usually refer to the online magazine, WardrobeTrendsFashion.
by MethHead September 23, 2012
A short version for "What the Fuck?"
Mike: I just banged Brittney!
Dan: WTF dude that's like impossible she's the hottest girl in the whole school.
Mike: I know.
by fdigger August 05, 2012

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