A common understanding that this acronym means:

"What The Fuck" but in reality, this actually means:

"Wow, That's Fantastic!"
Man:Dude, I did your mom last night.

Man#2: Wtf!

Man: ur mom, dude!! hahaha.

Man#2: I know...Wtf...

Other guy who just walked in: 'Wow, that's fantastic'? what's fantastic?
by IKilledTheParty February 20, 2010
generally stands for "words take flight'.

wtf will make a bold universal statement.

wtf is an attempt to break a Guinness World Records record

wtf is about education and empowerment.

wtf on november 2, 2009 from beatutiful Miami
6 women 30 Articles 10 Days 1 Goal


Words Take Flight: Guinness World Record Attempt
by six members of the International Solidarity for Human Rights.

Watch it LIVE on the Miami Dade College website.
by 6women October 03, 2009
Normally means "What the Fuck?" but can also mean "Wipe the floor" or "Wiping the floor".
Example 1- (General wtf)

Person 2: OMG A DUCK!
Person 1: WTF?
Person 2: Do you need a Mop?
Person 1: WTF?
Person 2: Or water?

Example 2- (Wiping the Floor)

Person 1: BRB WTF.
Person 2: Eh?
Person 1: Brb WTF.
Person 2: w.e bye!
by AshYouFreak February 17, 2008
Second half of the working week – Wednesday–Thursday–Friday
I'll be in Monday and Tuesday; Jo can hot-desk WTF

by Louisa Alexander June 02, 2007
Short for Wow, that's fantastic!
Child: Mom I got perfect!
Mom: WTF!!!
by Goo-good July 27, 2014
An alternate meaning for what is typically associated with this nomenclature. Instead of "What the fuck" let it also mean "With true fairness". This way, it will obtain a much broader range of users especially those who abhor profanity!
WTF it's snowing way too much over here. Or, WTF I did not ask for a coke and fries.
by 2guitarjohn March 28, 2014
An abbreviation for "Where's the fudge?"
Person 1: Hi dude, wtf?

Person 2: It's over here - wait, wtf? It was here a couple hours ago. OH NO, THE FUDGE WAS STOLEN!

by qazxsw 13 January 24, 2013

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