An acronym most commonly standing for "What the Fuck". Use of "wtf" is generally more acceptable to use in places of business, where the complete phrase "what the fuck" could cost one their job.
wtf can also be used with the words "where, who, when, why".
(What) wtf is she thinking?!
(Where) wtf did he go?!
(Who) wtf do they think they are?!
(When) wtf will we get paid?!
(Why) wtf would anyone do that?!
by kaf1998mhs April 13, 2008
WTF means "What the Fuck".
Mostly used as a question.
WTF (What the fuck) is that?
by xstam February 07, 2008
1. An acronym for that the f**k
2. The former name of the Travel Federation of Wisconsin
1. WTF man! What is that?
2. The Wisconsin Travel Federation (WTF)
by Stinkweed April 08, 2012
Normally means "What the Fuck?" but can also mean "Wipe the floor" or "Wiping the floor".
Example 1- (General wtf)

Person 2: OMG A DUCK!
Person 1: WTF?
Person 2: Do you need a Mop?
Person 1: WTF?
Person 2: Or water?

Example 2- (Wiping the Floor)

Person 1: BRB WTF.
Person 2: Eh?
Person 1: Brb WTF.
Person 2: w.e bye!
by AshYouFreak February 17, 2008
An acronym for 'what the fuck' often capitalized for emphasis. Commonly used in chatrooms by lazy chatters, video game channels by dueling gamers, in curse-free environments like business or schools, and by sailors on ship over intercom systems who don't want to be cited.

Meanings an variations:
what the fuck
who the fuck
when the fuck
where the fuck
whiskey tango foxtrot (military slang version)
Gamer to gamer
"wtf are you doing on the deck?"
"wtf was she wearing?"
teenage chatroom
by midgetmage January 10, 2008
Second half of the working week – Wednesday–Thursday–Friday
I'll be in Monday and Tuesday; Jo can hot-desk WTF

by Louisa Alexander June 02, 2007
Short for Wow, that's fantastic!
Child: Mom I got perfect!
Mom: WTF!!!
by Goo-good July 27, 2014

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