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1) Write him/her back; used when someone writes/e-mails to someone he or she is interested in; then when that special someone reports this to his/her friends, the friends say, "WHB!"
2) Win him/her back; used when someone breaks up w/ another individual (or vice versa), and that someone's friends are trying to encourage that someone's friends to revive the relationship.
1) "Oh like this guy wrote me, I think he like is totally hot and he definitely digs me! What should I do?!" "WHB!"

2) "I don't know, like, he's a pain in the butt but I still like him, it's only been, like, a week and stuff, I don't know what to do!" "WHB!"
#whb #write him back #write her back #win him back #win her back
by Lord Nader January 29, 2006
An abbreviation for Will Have Babies. Usually used as a chant of sorts for fans of a television show, movie or book to express their love for the relationship of two characters.
TKWHB = Tony and Kate Will Have Babies
#wojo #lilybug #love #baby #sculder
by Aly and Annie August 11, 2006
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