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Someone crazy or wierd. To call someone means you are calling them whocko. Someone wayyyyyyy out-there.
Damn Tyler that bitch is a strait up whackadoo!!!!
by isbellangel March 01, 2009
Strange; Displaying odd behavior or bad judgement as a result of drug usage.
I was trying to talk sense to John, but he was whack a doo.
by getzalot August 31, 2009
a percussion instrument build from found objects such as lumber, license plates, and hardware.
i play the whackadoo in a bluegrass band
by bergamasque May 05, 2011
Something pleasurable yet outlandish and out of the ordinary.
I'm gonna give you a list of whackadoos for the holiday season...put up 3 million lights, 23 raindeer, drink way too much and run around the neighborhood. Now that's whackadoo.
by Neil Mihalich September 28, 2006