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Wireless Application Protocol. A subset of HTTP used to optimise web content for mobile devices such as cellular phones. Defines WML (Wireless Markup Language).
Also referred to as Wait and Pay or Wait and Pace, since the early user experience was using primitive devices which used a 9Kbps link to the internet to receive WAP content. Before GPRS, you were billed for the length of time you were browsing.
The Nokia 7110 was one of the first WAP enabled handsets.
by Shalroth May 15, 2005
Short form of wapanese. A caucasian who tries to emulate Japanese culture.
That wap ran out of tissues from masturbating to anime all day.
by 50 cent crack dealer August 07, 2003
The sound a basketball makes when it swishes through a basketball net.
While his shot was in the air, the President of the United States shouted "Wap" to imitate the sound it was about to make when it went into the basket.
by mccaul29 April 13, 2010
Weak as Piss
You are a WAP
by cjblain21 August 14, 2014
Generic term for Asians
I saw a wee wap today, he's a long way from china
by hipapodami October 15, 2010
slang for a IV injection of a street drug
I did a fat wap of speed and rushed for 30 minutes

Hey you got any cleans so I can do a wap?
by CFock December 12, 2008
The act of giving a blowjob.
"Aww man, I played that bitch like a flute, and then we went to the backroom and she gave me the most redic waps I ever had."
by Waps May 29, 2006