Short for Wapatui. Midwestern United States slang for punch served in a bucket at college parties that contains kool-aid, fruit and several bottles of the most vile and cheap hard liqour available. Preffered by underagers who haven't learned to like beer, but is deadly stuff.

In other parts of the States this is known as Jungle Juice.
I went to that WAP party last night, and I can't stop vomiting now.
by Süz May 08, 2005
Short form of wapanese. A caucasian who tries to emulate Japanese culture.
That wap ran out of tissues from masturbating to anime all day.
by 50 cent crack dealer August 07, 2003
The sound a basketball makes when it swishes through a basketball net.
While his shot was in the air, the President of the United States shouted "Wap" to imitate the sound it was about to make when it went into the basket.
by mccaul29 April 13, 2010
Weak as Piss
You are a WAP
by cjblain21 August 14, 2014
slang for a IV injection of a street drug
I did a fat wap of speed and rushed for 30 minutes

Hey you got any cleans so I can do a wap?
by CFock December 12, 2008
when you smoke tobacco and marijuana mixed up together out of a bong
dude i fucking took the fattest wap out of my homies 6 footer and it dome checked the fuck out of me
by vinny cent bitch December 02, 2010
Generic term for Asians
I saw a wee wap today, he's a long way from china
by hipapodami October 15, 2010

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