When one enjoys the combination of both a wank and a nap.
"I'm just off for an afternoon wap"
"I feel instantly reinvigorated after my power wap"
"Where has she been, she's glowing!" "Ah, she's probably been wapping. Yeah, she's a right wapper."
by Layhefu May 28, 2014
when you smoke tobacco and marijuana mixed up together out of a bong
dude i fucking took the fattest wap out of my homies 6 footer and it dome checked the fuck out of me
by vinny cent bitch December 02, 2010
Wide Anal Passage is a massive hole between the two butt cheeks
"Hey dude, everyone knows your girl has been round the block a few too many times"
"Why would you say something like that?"
"Because she has a WAP"
by MikeSike January 19, 2009
An acronym for Whiny Ass Pussy. It can be added to the end of a name to designate that person as being a WAP, or of having a generally wappy attitude. Essentially it as an extreme form of bitching. It can be modified to reflect almost any part of the English language (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
(LAP-WAP punches D-WAP in the stomach.)
D-WAP:Oh I'm done, I'm done, I can barely breathe. My stomach hurts so bad.
by Leigh P October 22, 2008
1. To hit something with excessive force.
2. To draw an item out with speed (variation on whip).
1. Neil wapped that football pretty damn hard!
2. And so, quick as a flash, I wapped out my nine.
by jonno_15 June 05, 2007
Abbreviation for woodsy-artsy-preppy, used to describe the magical people who hide in the woods and paint and wear sperrys and things from Patagonia and L.L.Bean.
Rachel stop looking so WAP. I can't handle it.
by RJS1234 May 29, 2011
Having anal sex, taking it in the ass, the sound of two people having anal sex
Alec: Man I just love getting wapped all day long
Beau: Me too! Getting a nice wapping in the morning always starts my day off right!
by Westy bros October 28, 2010

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