slang for a IV injection of a street drug
I did a fat wap of speed and rushed for 30 minutes

Hey you got any cleans so I can do a wap?
by CFock December 12, 2008
Shortened version of Wapanese - referring to a derogatory word for a Japanophile.
"Tim stop talking about Japan so much you massive wap"
by mystery_girl September 07, 2009
weird ass pussy
that girl has a wap
by sdhbjdsbjejefbhejrh May 23, 2011
Generic term for Asians
I saw a wee wap today, he's a long way from china
by hipapodami October 15, 2010
racial or racist trem against those of italian decent. wap stood for the stamping on the boats used to transport the italian immigrants that had no paperwork. wap stood for: "without any papers". the name didnt really stick though is used at times. not really frowned on but not a good idea to use it with malice.
"what do you want to have written on your gravestone you dumb wap?"
by Fixxxer22 October 22, 2006
The feminine for the word "fap"
My girl won't stop wappin' when I'm not around!
by plaz May 25, 2012
when you smoke tobacco and marijuana mixed up together out of a bong
dude i fucking took the fattest wap out of my homies 6 footer and it dome checked the fuck out of me
by vinny cent bitch December 02, 2010

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