Wide Anal Passage is a massive hole between the two butt cheeks
"Hey dude, everyone knows your girl has been round the block a few too many times"
"Why would you say something like that?"
"Because she has a WAP"
by MikeSike January 19, 2009
Wet Asian Pussy
so then saturday would be camping
you could be in the city for friday night with us
we are meeting up with a big group of singaporean girls
you could def get wap
by CSTR March 16, 2009
white american princess
that spoiled bitch is such a wap.
by mkpeterson June 02, 2008
Short for wapanese.
Waps give the real Japanese a horrible name.
no Waps were ever born in Japan.
by KRHimself April 25, 2004
exclamation heard after a shot is made in basketball
by endo November 04, 2003
Weak As Piss. can be used in any situation, but moslty in referance to a persons drinking ability.
swissBoy: i dont feel like drinking tonight, im too tired
Shermz: WAP
by ricky (shermz) December 18, 2005
a transitive verb meaning to smack a girl's face with one's weiner. A girl may be wapped on the forehead, nose, cheek or mouth area. The wap is the closest english word to the actual sound made when said weiner is smacked on the aforementioned girl.
"Baby, will you come come over and wap me with your man meat?"

by Tony Lepatata August 20, 2006

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