Someone who picks up all the drunk girls at a club. Like a vulture they circle around trying to find a girl who is trashed and then swoops in and tries to pick her up.
That guys a fuckin vulture!

Im going to be a vulture tonight.
by meh March 25, 2005
A person who takes advantage of friends.
"Why do you wanna still be friends with that person when you know they are a vulture?"
#user #skammer #dog #two face #manipulator
by Yelski July 29, 2006
one who takes the leftover kills in halo. One who takes them frequently, and as much as possible. One who hears, "Killtacular killtacular killtacular".
You're in a battle and just after you kill the enemy "You were killed by *Vulture*"
by *Vulture* aka *SBG* Snuffaluff April 26, 2004
A large scavenger bird - the kind that flies in a circle over dying animals in old Western movies.
You be a vultua!
by Fangsta December 14, 2003
A mix of red wine and Coke. South American term. Slowly becoming popular among mohemians in the U.S.
After drinking 7 Vultures, Felix was tore up.
#wine #coke #mohemians #cheap drinks #drunk
by avant/chi fan September 09, 2007
The act of waiting outside the bar after last call has been made in hopes of picking up a drunk slam piece.
Kyle: I'm heading back to the house.

Erik: Dude I'm going to Vulture behind Tim's.
#sex #drunk #bar #hot karl #blumpkin fakeout.
by DaytonBroTalk June 09, 2013
V. To show up uninvited when a group of people are smoking up, and wait around trying to get a hit.

N. One who vultures.
God, Nick is such a vulture, we ran into him last week in the woods and he just stood around hoping we'd take pity.
#mooch #tight wad #asshole #douche #bitch
by g_dylan October 28, 2010
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