definition: (verb) origin: Joseph "da Vulture" Oh - to quickly pick up the back up player to an injured fantasy player.
I had to vulture Brandon Jackson after Ryan Grant went down.
by after-party/team shimggie September 13, 2010
guy at a party that doesnt drink but instead uses his sobriety to pick up less than sober females. generally considered a tool and scumbag
Dude Greg is a bigtime player
No he's not he's just a vulture he's got no actual game, anyone could do that.
by wolfpackrimjobsBRAH August 03, 2010
To vulture, or to be vulturing, means to go out, but to only stare at the opposite sex as you are consumed by your own acknowledgment that you are ugly and could not possibly pull.
That guy over there is a right vulture!
You see him over there, he's just vulturing!
by Coffindogger August 18, 2014
A person who "bugs" the MuggleCasters on PicklePack. They like to live their lives in front of computer screens and talk to each other every single day. GAK is their official word.
Those vultures bug the shit out of me!! - Andrew
by Chemerson=no September 16, 2007
That dude who's always waiting for chicks to get drunk so he can hustle them
Today I'm going to be a vulture at Amy's party. Those girls will be drunk.
by Boxxes April 16, 2013
people who swarm a newly single person, usually only for sexual intentions.
She just broke up with her boyfriend and now the vultures attack.
by xsilentx35 January 14, 2010
In a multiplayer shooter game, sneaking (sometimes) and killing a player/bot with damaged health after that victim killed his/her other opponent in a previous gun/melee fight; often considered dirty play, however, not as annoying as camping.
After killing Spartan435 in a rocket launcher fight, Elite47 popped out of nowhere and vultured me with his energy sword!
by Ruukasu December 02, 2009
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