A running back who doesn't get a lot of carries but manages to score a ridiculously high amount of touchdowns aggravating every single fantasy football owner in the process
I think Chris Johnson is gonna be a top 5 RB this year but I'm worried about the LenWhale vulturing his touchdowns.

I don't like picking Adrian Peterson number one overall with that vulture Chester Taylor on the sidelines.
by Sciz3 September 07, 2009
The person in your office who always be taking all the free shit! Every time we get a sample in before we even say that were giving it away ''I WANT THAT! ILL TAKE THAT!'' STFU!!!!! nobody likes you, you fuckin vulture!
A vulture is Whenever you have free shit to give away they already have it in there home before you have the chance to even fucking look at it!
by Billybobbillybobby August 21, 2008
One who does things in excessive amounts usally myspace but can apply to other fields of life
jon- Dude stop being a vulture, get off my computer

Rasheed- hang on i'm not done watching gay porn
by sacz69 January 11, 2008
1. (n) A driver who obstructs traffic in a parking lot waiting for someone to vacate a parking place.
2. (v) The act of obstructing traffic in a parking lot while waiting for a parking place to open.
1. The vulture was waiting for a place in the front row, even though there were plenty of places open in the next row.
2. He was vulturing me so closely that I didn't have room to back out.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
(n.) A woman who has abnormally large and droopy labia.
"Did you see the girl on pornhub's #1 vid today? She had a vulture!"
by Noodles316 October 19, 2009
1. In a video game - Someone who constantly circles around the map in search of a weakened foe, stealing other players kills as much as possible with a terminal shot.
2. Someone who takes the last of something.
1. After waiting for the right moment to vulture, John swooped down, spraying the vicinity of the weakened enemies with lead. A few shots was enough to kill a group of weakened players. He then received the Vulture Spree award.
2. After eying the serving plate, John vultured the last of the shrimp -- before anyone else could get any.
by NodenWIRE April 19, 2009
When you're doing a girl from behind and you reach around and put your fingers in her nose and pull back... and she makes the sound of a vulture, "eeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!"
I gave my girlfriend the vulture last night. She dumped me. But it was hilarious when I did it!
by expert of the vulture November 05, 2008
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