Vice president I'd like to fuck.
"You see Sarah Palin on TV last night? She's a VPILF!"
by Steve Someone September 02, 2008
Vice President I'd like to F**K.
Sarah Palin has the chance to become the first ever VPILF
by jiggaslapnuts September 02, 2008
Vice-president l'd Like to Fuck. Usually refers to Sarah Palin.
Man, I don't really know where Sarah Palin stands on the issues, but she's like that librarian fantasy we all have but refuse to admit... she's a total VPILF!
by kaifactorial September 02, 2008
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck. See MILF. Then see Sarah Palin.
Did you see that VPILF Old Man McCain picked?! New campaign ad: "Sarah Palin for Veep. A heartbeat away from PILF."
by Mongojerry_2 September 02, 2008
Abbreviation for "Vice President I'd Like to Fuck", created for recent Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin.
Man, that new vice presidential candidate is such a VPILF
by BSFamily Guy August 31, 2008
Coined my sxephil of Youtube.
Stands for
Like to
Sarah Palin is most definitely a VPILF.
by Seriously Kamilah August 31, 2008
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