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The Latin word for "voice".
vox populi = 'the voice of the people' - Popular opinion or sentiment.
by Vox April 26, 2005
Some one who sings in their band.
I play guitar and I'm vox for my band.
by Mike January 13, 2005
A guitar amplifier manufacturer. known for high quality amplifiers and exquisite tone. Generally a producer of tube style circuitry amplifiers. Best sound is usually acheived when amplified guitar is a semihollow or hollow body guitar such as the ES series, the epiphone Casino, or many Richenbacher models. Expensive, but revered as the best sounding amplifiers for the studio.
My pals Vox amp is so sick.
#guitar #amplifier #tube #tube amp #tube circuitry #the beatles
by recab2 August 10, 2006
Another word for "voice" or "Vocals"
Often used in band description to shorten the or otherwise generalize the word "vocals" or "singer"

Derived from the latin word "vox" meaning voice.
I play Drums, Jeremy is lead vox
#voice #sing #vocals #black #whatup
by Oprah4Prez September 23, 2006
a kind of high end vodka
lemme get a vox and red bull
by munati July 20, 2005
A voice audio message sent using the Voxer Walkie-Talkie mobile app.
"Send me a vox when you get to the party."
#voice message #mobile audio message #instant message #voice mail #audio email #email
by UserLand July 11, 2012
Voices for Planned Parenthood; the student organization supporting Planned Parenthood. The organization is pro-choice.
Vox believes in using and distributing condoms and other contraceptives.
#condom #safe sex #planned parenthood #sex #pro-choice
by ek_ke May 03, 2006
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