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The act of attempted speech when an individual is far too drunk to move their mouth muscles in any but the sloppiest way.
Drunk: Aaou eiii? Oooouaa eeeo!
Jane: What's that guy on the floor behind the sofa saying?
Joan: Who the hell knows. He's just making a Vowel Movement.
by Brushwood June 02, 2009
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to empty one's tray of vowels during a game of scrabble
Julie was spent after a hefty triple word score vowel movement which left her opponent astonished.
by Zappafan76 March 16, 2011
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a movement that is against Instant messaging talk; doesn't have to do anything with vowels.
Sally: Like OMG. WTF. When did you like get that?
Suzie: Um... I got it at hot topic. Nice right.
SALLY: lol. yes it is. bbl. I'm gonna go get one too.
Suzie: Can't you just talk like a regular person? what's up with the instant messaging talk?
Sally: Sheesh. FAF! chillax. Join the vowel movement, why don't you?
by mvr0cks December 06, 2008
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