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The belief one can release flatulence without being heard or seen.
Billy was sure he had anal anonymity in the library when he let a festering air biscuit fly, however to his dismay his girlfriend had just rounded the corner and was caught in the blast. Billy's personals ad can now be found on craigslist.
by Zappafan76 January 27, 2011
When you cant stay awake but you just cant sleep either
Julie keeps texting me and only half of them make sense, she must be stuck in pillow purgatory again
by Zappafan76 April 04, 2011
to empty one's tray of vowels during a game of scrabble
Julie was spent after a hefty triple word score vowel movement which left her opponent astonished.
by Zappafan76 March 16, 2011

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