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Vampire Porn
dickhead one: did you see how she turned to ash as soon as the cruifix was inserted into her?

dickhead two: woah!!!! you were watching VORN!
by Lucifers Loofa February 17, 2009
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Vorn is a 7 second adult video on Vine
Shit man just stared in some Vorn 7 seconds of heaven
by Ascus June 12, 2013
A Vorn is a vagina shoehorn. When a female belly hangs over her vagina(gunt) and you need to lift it to stick your dick in the pussy.
Peggy had such a huge gunt I needed a xl Vorn to get at that pussy!
by TWrecks July 11, 2010
Homosexual voting for homosexual marraiges so he can marry jeff.
vorn and jeff`
by coolguy March 11, 2004

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