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Allegiance slang, pejorative. A voob is a player that has been around enough time to be considered something more than a mere noob, but not enough to be considered a Veteran. Highly dependent on personal skill.
Star_sailor: buy capships!!11!1

Everyone_else: Shut the fuck up voob!
by Capt_Obvious July 22, 2008
1. Said of a light or sound source that varies in intensity on a periodic basis; to wobble or pulsate.
First attested as "voobing" in Rise of the Triad's light configuration settings, alongside "light," "dark," and "lightning."
by Ai Olor-Wilë October 15, 2007
noun - man boobs that are significantly larger than any reasonable person can accept; generally wrapping around under the arm; named for the wrestler Viscera (aka Big Daddy V) from WWE.
That guy over there has some major voobs and under-voobs.
by Soleil797 August 14, 2007
combination of vagina and boob to be called if you are an annoying girl
Don't be such a VOOB!
by totallynotsatan February 11, 2015
The voob is the (creators) response to the Hybrid car. It entails a boob...with a vagina included. The clitoris and the nipple are one in the same. Whoever your creator know they can't be out-done. THE VOOB!
Wow. Is that a manual Voob...?
by raggedchef September 15, 2009
a pair of breasts that arent of equal size
Derek's voobs have small nipples.
by Steven December 31, 2004
Also see Vooster. A super cool girl with the last name of "Vu."
Voobs is loved and adored by all, including piarr, chen-chen, and calbing; however, piarr is especiall in love with her, but that love is obviously unrequited.
by Kleenex February 06, 2005
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