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short for vladmir vodka (incredibly cheap and shitty vodka usually drunk by broke underclassmen)
i got this freshman a bottle of vlad for ten bucks, but i made him pay twenty.
by spacedpenguuin August 09, 2005
153 115
Vlad is usually a Russian name, sometimes romanian, and usually is an athletic all around great guy that is good at everything. He is known to have a big penis and is a legend in bed. He has an amazing body and really funny. He is very popular especially with females...fine females
girl 1: Oh my god who is that sexy new kid he makes my nipples hard!!!!
Girl 2: oh yeah that guy must be a Vlad
girl 1: yeah i heard he has a big penis too
by kdfoidasf April 07, 2010
491 179
Known as Vlad Tepes, Vlad Dracul, or Vlad The Impaler, this man was a one of a kind person, always killing and owning. Good looking, smart, he was one of the most violent prince of his times.
Vlad Dracula impaled thousands of Turkish faggots.
by Tudor November 15, 2007
260 106
A pissed of russian who will fuking throw something at you if you piss him off.
Dont piss Vlad off. Last time he threw a chair at me
by bigdumbbitch May 26, 2010
188 84
Satisfyingly apt description of a certain breed of insensitive male sex partner, deriving from Vlad the Impaler, the infamous 15th century Transylvanian Emperor.
It was like being knobbed by Vlad the Impaler
by Wednesday December 17, 2004
253 152
Vlad's are medium hight and they are pretty cute. He is funny well at least thinks he is. he likes girls that have curves. and that is pretty much all he is.
Wuz up vlad, homie??
by Hola homie May 09, 2008
208 118
A mysterious cookie making bunny
Vlad? Vlad, Vlad... I know two Vlads. There's the bad Vlad... And then there's bunny Vlad, the one that makes cookies!
by cookies :P October 24, 2008
121 75