Vlad: An encredebly cute guy, most of the time either Russian or Romanian. Athletic, and as mentioned above, either cute, or very, very hot! A real lady pleaser ;)
Wow! This "Vlad" kid is really hot!
by Vampirelover1234 February 28, 2011
the act of buttfucking your fav bitch, then whipping out your dirty dick and writing your initials on her face with the poop left on the tip of your wiener.
i'm going to vlad my girlfriend tonight. i hope she hasn't shit yet today.
by dirty/dick/player March 21, 2013
a person who has alot of pussy, is good with woman and is strong!!!every woman loves him.
"yours so hansome Vlads"
"i love you too"
by prodictionary February 26, 2015
A Vlad is a handsome and kind gentle men who treats women a nice way.
Ooh, this Vlad is so kind to this girl down the street.
by GWHS6328658 May 30, 2016
Bat shit crazy gay lil dude
Do u see that fag?
ohhh yes he must be a Vlad
by Augustus Fagitus September 07, 2016
nail polish remover in beverage form
i don't know how you take shots of vlad.. that stuff makes me puke!
by gliding_princess May 04, 2010
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