A gorgeous, hot and sexy woman who can be quiet in every day life but turns into a Queen in the bedroom. A suppressed woman who has many sexual desires. When with one person, unleashes her fantasies on them.
I had no idea you were such a vixen! You seem so shy!
#vixen #hot #sexy #gorgeous #luscious
by OctoberAmore August 31, 2014
A woman of sexy but evil personality...and body gestures that portray a sexual appearence.
by super steve May 28, 2003
A lot of these definitions are incorrect. A vixen is actually a woman who's extraordinarily attractive and an amazing body, but is extremely deadly. Also, the old word for a vixen is a succubus.
Person 1: Susan Atkins is a damn vixen!

Person 2: Ew... Dude, she's like 80. And dead.
Person 1: oh...
#charles manson #susan atkins #buttsex #pants #on #the #ground
by levixenpl0x January 19, 2010
A sweet all female glam metal band from the late 80's and early 90's. They have a bunch of great songs, but their only major hit is "Edge Of A Broken Heart".
Dude, I was listening to Vixen's album, Rev It Up, last night. It was so kick ass! Hard 16 is a fuckin' great song! Man, music was so much better back in the day, not like all this new pussy emo bullshit that is clogging the airwaves.
#metal #rock #glam #hair metal #glam rock
by TZR October 02, 2005
a female fox
person 1> "wow, look at that sexy vixen"
person 2> "where"
person 1> "over there eating that rabbit"
by papasloonatsta December 02, 2003
1. an attractive woman,

2. an ill tempered woman
The vixen who came by was a bit on the flaky side.
#battle-ax #cuddle bunny #dish #fox #hellcat #idioms #red hot mama #sex kitten #twist #vixin #witch
by The Return of Light Joker January 14, 2011
A girl that likes to have sex without and transfer of money, however, since she is a sexy sweetheart you refuse to call her a whore, slut, skank, harlot, streetwalker, prostitute, or ho
Damn, that vixen is sexy as hell and she ain't no bitch either!
#sexy #crazy #fun #hot #nice #bangable
by the_deity November 21, 2014
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