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used to emphasise/agree and/or add on to a comment that someone else has just made
ow ow manda u sexy biotch
A: damn shes HOTT
B: ow ow
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
When someone is dead sexy you say this
Dominic Monaghan is sexy, owow!
by Samwise May 07, 2003
An act or event that should hurt, but soon doesnt and ends up being hilarious for all involved. Usually ends with the realistaion of "wow, that was fun"
He smashed his head against the pole, but it was an owow so it was pretty funny.
by [SideshowBob] November 17, 2007
The term used to contradict what you just said.
Yea she's hot (ow ow)
by lopin August 10, 2004