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A screen name commonly used by non-attractive bored housewives to make themselves look attractive to the opposite sex. Especially those younger than themselves. This name is usually accompanied by a sexy cartoon picture, or real picture which is very blurry because it's from years ago.
'She said she was Vixen, zomg, I cybered a granny!'
by player1919 August 03, 2007
Vixen female fox or what your friend thinks your mom is
Wow I cant believe i ate Vixen
by ThatSoFunny November 09, 2007

An anthropomorphic fox female which is often the subject of yiffing fantasies by heterosexual members of the furry community (they paw off to such an image). Often the subject of a furry's horrible artistic (lack of) talent.
Lovestar the furry continued to grope his 0.5" penis to the mental image of the vixen he'd just signed onto the MUCK as.
by Lenin's Bastard Son March 28, 2004
1. A woman who is overweight.

2. A woman who needs to use a treadmill.
The vixen was so big that she had to use 2 airline seats.

The three vixens blocked the whole bakery section at wal-mart.

The damn vixen at all the food in the house.
by Zinnium July 06, 2011
An alcoholic slutty whore who gambles and loses all of their money.
"Did you see that girl at the bar in the casino? I heard she lost all of her money, and she's drunk. She's such a vixen."
by E-Lizzard-Breath March 26, 2009
Hot little cutie with a tattoo on her right butt cheek. Also know as "cutie booty".
My vixen is a dirty Virgo.
by Sexy Underwear Model July 25, 2004
A sexy lesbian slutty cat.
My vixen had crazy sex with another female vixen.
by MatthewPCUL August 09, 2006