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Seeing a sight that is visually appealing or stimulating. Usually found in nature.
The passenger pigeon just perched on that snow covered tree, sick visual.

We started to hunt visuals after our burn cruise and were rewarded with a mountain fox running down a street.
by 603 January 03, 2008
16 14
The act of dropping trou in front of your friends, spreading the buttcheeks in full view, and farting.
I almost hurled when Joe gave me a visual during lunch
by Adolph Oliver Nipples November 06, 2003
32 14
visual, or visual kei, is a japanese gothic looking rock style thats based around very heavy make-up wearing and crazy hair. its usually just like a gothic look, though sometimes there are lighter costumes. its necessary to wear a lot of make up all over the face to really be visual.
malice mizer, moi dix moix, luna sea, desp'airsray, 12012, dir en grey(from years past),geisha's. That's all visual kei j-rock.
by Yushiki June 23, 2006
15 29
When a guy sees another guy spert his cum
dude---john gave me a visual! WHAT A SICKO
by Eric Forbes March 26, 2005
6 22