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Candycore's a way of life dealing with bright clothing, bright colored bracelets and other accessories, bright died hair and usually braided, raving, just doing childish things, its kind of like a japanese punk style cause it looks visual but its based around a bright color pattern. They can be overly sexual and go to anime conventions sometimes. its more of a hidden lifestyle, since there are more juggalo's and emo's then there are of them.
Astrid Haven, if you see a raver with real bright dreadlocks that's candycore, like i said they go to anime conventions. kingdom hearts has traces of it, puffy amiyumi are slightly candycore.
by Yushiki June 23, 2006
visual, or visual kei, is a japanese gothic looking rock style thats based around very heavy make-up wearing and crazy hair. its usually just like a gothic look, though sometimes there are lighter costumes. its necessary to wear a lot of make up all over the face to really be visual.
malice mizer, moi dix moix, luna sea, desp'airsray, 12012, dir en grey(from years past),geisha's. That's all visual kei j-rock.
by Yushiki June 23, 2006

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