Visigothan is one who will not hesitate to mock you for your stupidities. But if you're lucky enough to be his friend, he'll curb stomp any who mess with you.
by Lurker November 01, 2003
Top Definition
An insensitive, unintelligent, close-minded, insecure boy of legal age who gets his jollies being cruel to other people in order to cover his own inadequacies both imagined and real.
I can't believe that Visigothan just pushed the crippled kid out of her wheelchair.
by Arsemonkey August 22, 2003
One of the many goat violators of Arstechnica
After banging all the sheep in the barn, Visigothan moved on to goathumping.
by Funny Bunny November 18, 2003
Big mouthed goth who still feels bad about getting picked on in High School.
Visigothan is totally against Jocks and wants to curb stomp them for making his wear leather his whole life.
by Arshole August 23, 2003
Hiding behind gruff exterior because of fear of being hurt.
He refused to ask her out because he was so visigothan.
by Another anonymous coward August 23, 2003
Sad or pathetic, self delusional to the point of being comical, but not terribly amusing.
Fred was being so visigothan when I was trying to talk to some girls, I didn't know if I wanted to laugh at him or break his jaw.
by Sage-Maru May 11, 2004
closeted and angsty homosexual
see posts by Visigothan on ArsTechnica
by anonymous coward August 28, 2003
To attempt to portay one's self to the world as more goth like than Siousxe and Robert Smith's love child.
"You are more goth than All the guys in Sisters Of Mercy you are Visigothan."
by Edgar Alan Pooh August 22, 2003
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