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5 definitions by Mickgriddle

Damn good place. Everything is pretty much in the Bay area or san francisco. But there's a whole ton a natural beauty from the redwoods up north to the san francisco bay estuary to the mountains. NorCal is startin to get all messed up kinda like the sad fate of socal, but probably not as bad. The 650 or 415 is the place to be for a sweet trip or visit, but the housing is waaaay to jacked for me out there near the City by the Bay.
Got half my family livin there, too, and you guessed it, their
NoCal-er: Hella, that trip to NYC was sweeeet, but there'll never be any match for west coast Norcal.
Non-Californian: Oh, nice Man. you mean out there near Frisco?
NorCal-er: ................uh, NO.
by Mickgriddle October 10, 2006
virginia's got a bit of everything for everyone. For the younger population, city night life and malls galore if you look in the right place, and for them older rich republicans, horse farms and quiet country stretches of land in the western part. Personally I would stick to the southeast coast (Va. Beach/Hampton Roads) or NoVa (Fairfax County, Springfield, DC influence) where living for young adults is way more interesting than the corridor of nothingness I endure in the shen. valley.

It's not THAT south here. Especially in the diverse populations inhabiting the previously mentioned places. But some places where you could steer clear of: Southwestern (coal country, unless you like mountain after mountains of it),and south central (no idea what goes on down near danville). Other than those, you could settledown easy in places like charlottesville (voted best place to live in the country a few years ago by better homes and gardens) or williamsburg, alexandria, fairfax. Nice places. Just make sure to hang around the right crowd for you.
Virginia: a real mix of everything. I guess it's for lovers, so just look in the right place for it...
by Mickgriddle November 05, 2006
Junk you eat, fill up, poo out, and live for another day. tastes good. Can't seem to escape food anywhere you go.
I need some/a ***...

***food, fud, grub, bite, chomp chomp, chuck, drink, eats, edible, fare, feed, fodder, goodies, grit, meal, meat, mess, muckamuck, stuffin, ration, grizzle, munchies, tidbits, cuisine, noddy, nutriment, nutrition, pabulum, burger, provision, refreshment, slop, snack, take out, tuck, chow, vittles.

by Mickgriddle November 07, 2006
Kick ass gun made by a russian weapons designer by the name of Kalashnikov. It's the weapon of choice of the third world, dictator militias in developing countries, coup d'etats, gangs, and just about anyone who wants an inexpensive, durable, SMG performance rifle that's feared by every law enforcement group in the world (except for russian police, AK's are a standard issue there).

They fire the mid-sized but powerful 7.62x39 mm round at a mid-range fire rate, but the shiznit they punch out makes an american m-4 look like it's airsoft counterpart. This advantage is even complimented with the ease of use of the gun, easy found ammo, and durability of the carbine. You can literally throw a kalashnikov in the mud and stuff it with sand and fire it after without any jamming or messing of the barrel.
However, the AK isn't much of of a long range advocate. With open iron sights and warping wood stocks, you can't really trust the aim of the gun at any moment. But hell, that's where the phrase "spray and sweep" gets it's name from. Unload a 30 clip in the general direction of your target and your bound to put at least 5 rounds into em.
1) ...Oh, shit, it's Wayne Brady! The man's gotta AK! run for it-Kak! kak! kak!... (gets shot thrice in the back from the drive by)

2) hah, look at this, just got this new AK-47 from Don Jose in Monterrey. He buys 'em straight cash from Cuba: $150 a piece. Can't beat it...

by Mickgriddle November 11, 2006
Uh, damn. It's pretty hard to like actually group filipinos in one race. They a little bit of everything. Ancestors come everywhere from China to Spain to Australia to wherever and gives the people there a cool multicultural feel. I myself am half pinoy, and lemme tell you, that particular side is so amazingly different than my white sided family, I friggin get culture shock after an annual trip to the filipinos in Cali.
White dude: ha, man you're like the token asian in our skool. Just look at ur slanted eyes.
Filipino Guy: Shove it, cracka. you damn ignorant. Filipinos ain't got no slanted eyes or whatever those mainland asians got.
White dude: whatever. (he definately lost this one)


American dude: sup man, that one band yesterday was hella chill, huh?
His Filipino friend: Fo sho, I'm totally diggin their new album...
Ignorant preppy American kid interrupts: What the hell. your asian, shouldn't you be listening to some ching chang chong music right now????????
Filipino Guy: Fuck off asshole. you some kinda dee-dee-dee child?!?!
Ignorant kid: WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! mommy!!!...
by Mickgriddle October 10, 2006