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Definition: The meaning of Vineet is Decent/ domesticated/ Knowledgeable/ Humble/ Polite/ Modest/ profound/ reverent/ unobtrusive/ decorous/ courteous/ attentive.

Person named Vineet is generaly very kind and respectful.

The origin of the name Vineet comes from Indian Sanskrit

In sanskrit:

1.जिसमें विनय हो। विनय से युक्त। 2.सुशील। 3.नम्र और शिष्ट। 4.नम्रतापूर्वक किया जानेवाला। जैसे-विनीत निवेदन। 5.जितेन्द्रिय। संयमी। 6.ग्रहण किया हुआ। 7.शिक्षित। 8.अलग या दूर किया हुआ। 9.दंडित। 10.साफ किया हुआ। पुं.1.वणिक। बनिया। 2.व्यापारी। 3.ऐसा घोड़ा जो जोत,सवारी आदि के काम में सघा हुआ हो। 4.दमनक या दीना नाम का पौधा।

समानार्थक शब्द -
Andy is very kind, I think he really is a nice person in his real life. He is a true persona of Vineet.
by Lil-Sunshine February 16, 2010
99 17
a male that has the ability to do anything
that kid is amazing at everything because hes vineet
by raj reddy February 12, 2010
62 33
A person who expects too much from his penis.
He needs to be realistic, how long can one be Vineet?
by tv8 January 20, 2013
24 13
Sexy male who is dominating everyone he sees. He is an athlete and probably plays basketball, while playing he is very sexy. Vineet is dreamy and irresistible.
that guy is totally Vineet because he is so handsome.
by thabeasst October 11, 2013
8 4
Vineet is a word derived from sanskrit.
but he is not what it actually means. he knows how to make fun of people and of himself too.
total fun loving and utmost disrespectful to the extent of scratching his balls in public. hyper abusive protocols in front of decent crowd and shawdy behaviour in front of women.
Vineet says"Billa fucks his goats"
"bund maaar"
by 3303 May 16, 2010
26 47