Any guy that is bald, thinks he's a hard ass, and wears extra small v-necks.
Hey look at that guy, he's a total Vin Diesel
by superdragger January 08, 2012
A legend in his own mind...
by cmdrmonkey September 05, 2003
One word: God
Person 1: What religion is Vin Diesel?
Person 2: Vin Diesel has no religion. For Vin Diesel is God.
by fearme February 08, 2010
Sexy and Gorgeous stud who can kick the above persons ass.
Vin Diesel Rocks my woRld
by vins chicklette September 01, 2003
A Sextastic manly MALE who men fear, women lust after, and children look up as a hero. (Preferably bald and good at chess)
"Wow, see that humpdaddy? He could be Vin Diesel!"

"That bus filled with children was pulled from the river by a random stranger!!"
"I bet it was Vin Diesel!"
by JuliaSmooty January 07, 2006
Variation: Vin, Yum
Adjective: An extremely buff male.
a. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent: ‘He’s a bit Vin Diesel’
b. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance:
2. Informal. Wonderful; delightful. Sexy. Suave. Brilliant. Gorgeous
Unfortunately the term Vin Diesel is often misused by men who aren’t themselves considered to be ‘Vins’ who can become extremely bitter and twisted. ‘Wow, that really ugly bald guy looks like vin diesel.’
Correct usage: 'I cant beleive how Vin that guy is, go ask his number!'
by Pinkeyegirl March 17, 2005
One who's head looks like a grapefruit, with a slightly smaller grapefruit for a nose.
Wow, that really ugly bald guy looks like vin diesel.

Dude, there's a vin diesel here, we should leave
by scott douglas December 05, 2003

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