n. One who plays video games obsessively.
Bill is such a vidiot. You can't get him away from the console even for free beer.
by DrewZee May 09, 2003
Anyone so addicted to anything on a video screen that they can't work b/c it takes time away from video
Since the 50's, an increasing portion of the population have become vidiots
by Jose Sinclair August 27, 2008
Someone who basis there entire belief structure upon the media.
Most people are vidiots.
by Bodane February 18, 2011
When a person that usually has an IQ of less than 100 is enthralled by common video images and footage who will watch the same footage over and over for 8 hours or longer. Sometimes they are excited over and over again.
Look at Robert He has spent all day in his office watching the "Ewoks dance" over and over. A 4 minute video amazes that Vidiot. I would hate to see his departure.
by waakawaaka November 08, 2009
a person who is mindlessly and hopelessly and furhtermore incorrigably addicted to media, particularly that of video games
we are married. we live together. all ive seen of you in the past month is the back of your head and your thumbs moving like convulsions on that controller... honey... i think you are a vidiot...
by mercedes April 23, 2004
A youtube video poster, who posts stupid or annoying videos.
So you're on youtube searching some of your favorite vids. Suddenly you see a new one that you haven't seen before. You que it up.....and theres some Vidiot actin a fool.
by Truevil July 31, 2009
Someone who is a gaming addict.
Robert is glued to his xbox, as usual. He's such a vidiot.
by DET2002 October 22, 2005

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