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(n) - a person who can't work electronic devices like VCRs or DVD players


(n) a person who is completely ignorant with regard to audio-video equipment
Mom: "Which side of this disc goes up when you put it in the DVD player?"

Teenager (under her breath and rolling her eyes): "Mom's such a vidiot!"
by horseshoecrab May 08, 2010
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Someone who is a video idiot. Someone incapable of operating video's, digital camera's, remote controls, etc
Give me that d@%&* control. You're such a vidiot.
by Remote controller March 20, 2009
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one who plays video games all the time. Spends twenty four hours staring at a screen, and has a very negative attitude to those who interrupt their gaming.
John: "Hey man want to go out for a bite to eat?"
Blake:"What do you think?? NO WAY! I have to reach level 4656574 on Runescape."
John: "No need to be such a vidiot. God."
by hellohealy May 22, 2007
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A person who doesnt recognise a person who is on a tv program

Adam: a picture what is clearly of Sai from naruto

Tim: whats with the gay sakuke pic?

Brenton: it's sai you vidiot
by Vidiot dickers March 02, 2009
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Somone who watches way too much of one screen or another.
Dude you have way too much time on your hands to play, you are becoming a vidiot.
by Steven Sykes July 08, 2006
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A person who craves to be on television. People who appear on humiliating 'Real Life' t.v. shows, or those who bounce up & down waving behind a t.v. reporter. (esp. in the case of a disaster.)
1) You'd have to be a Vidiot to send home videos of yourself drunk & falling into a wedding cake, or marry somebody you have just met on a t.v. show.

2)Look at those Vidiots waving @ the camera when the reporter is talking about 5 people dead in the burnout building behind them.
by Akeeter June 03, 2006
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