The hottest thing to ever walk the face of the earth.
Also appeared in the "Pee On You" video with Dave Chapelle.
A: Damn thats shits hot! Who is that?
B: That would be Vida Guerra.
by Arpi March 17, 2005
Top Definition
(1)The hottest FHM model...ever.
(2)Owner of the greatest ass in the universe.
After sex with Vida Guerra, there is no greater just have to kill yourself.
by Drewmanji October 16, 2004
Vida Guerra is most famous for her pix in FHM and her appearance in Cassidy's music video.
She got breast implants in 2000 so the top would match the bottom. She still isn't very pretty though, that face is scary.
by tim April 22, 2005
1)Has the best body ever
2)2 words:Tits & Ass
I wanted to see the hottest woman ever so I went to
by Holden December 07, 2004
Vida Guerra is the most beautiful, sexiest women in the entire world. I would f**k the s**t out of her if I had the chance. Vida I love you, me and the rest of mankind.
Vida Guerra is Arreug Adiv backwards
by Jimmy Neutron December 07, 2004
To have your sausage be overwhelmed by cubas definition of perfectly groomed country ham
I want to come home and have myself a Vida Guerra
by Splig Night September 07, 2004
The girl from the Burger King Commercial with the "Nice Caboose"
I love the Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch
by Dillon Farnum March 30, 2005
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