1)A big ass slut who know she makes money cuz of her ass and as soon as she become an old frumpy Latina woman,what will she have left. 2)Evolutionary creature from the original big assed ancestors: Black women, Duh!
Got a big ass and a cute face? Make quick money, ya two cent ho.
by K.J. January 19, 2005
A girl with a messed up lookin horse face and a huge butt (buterface)
people think she's hot cuz they never seen a light skinned woman with a black girls butt before (it's something new and exotic at the moment). I'd do her, but I'd take JLO or Pam Anderson over her anyday... Word is she has dated Usher in the past.
Josh:dude, it's Vida!

James:ya but she only goes for brothas & latinos, so youre outta luck
by william April 05, 2005
a stupid ho with a busted face who only is around cuz she got a fat ass. plus, she a conceited bitch and think she too good for da likes of even usher. bitch please.
Vida Guerra need to get on my level
by BK Queen January 29, 2005

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