A handsome boy, who's intensions are very well. Smart and loves the game of soccer, and is very good at it. Most people would think of victor as one of the most warm hearted people they've met. Victors love to be with their family, but will find a loved one and be genuine and true to her. Most victors are very popular and most guys want to be like them. Victors are overall, amazing.
Did you see that handsome boy? Oh yeah that was a victor.
by A girl Who loves victors August 25, 2010
A super funny very attractive male that can easily make a girl fall for him.. wants a commitment and is NOT a player. Isn't a guy that wants a skank. has high standars.
wow your cool.. your must be a victor
by cassandddrrraaaa September 19, 2011
A chill person whos funny an gets along with evryone. He's open to all kinds of

friends even if they are mentally disabled or handicapped it doesnt matter to

him. If your lesbian he'll still accept you. His heart belongs 2 one girl and

she might not know it, but they are meant to be together. He will give his heart.

to that girl and she'll always have it.He looks for love and not sex. He has an

alcohol addiction because the girl and cuts himself for her.

-Hey did you see Victors wrists as he drank?
-Yeah he did it 4 his love
-Woah harsh, they should date already=
-Hey did you see Victors wrists as he drank?
-Yeah he did it 4 his love
-Woah harsh, they should date already=
by MattyBoo December 23, 2009
Victor Is The Kind Of Guy Every Girl Wants To Be With. But Only One Girl Holds His Heart. His Wife Love Him Alot. Their Going To Have 3 Pretty Kids.
Babe Your Just Like A Victor
by TwinkleToes :) August 02, 2010
The very best person you will ever meet. Ever. He's beautiful, sweet, caring, sexy and he will make your life worth living a thousand times over. Victor's smile can turn a day around. The boy I love. The boy I intend to marry.

I love you, Victor.

Stay with me forever
Victor is amazing
by nicolelovesvictor April 03, 2013
The obvious better choice for a Best Man. Altho not well known for his speeches, the very fact that he is present at your wedding is enough. He is the only V that matters. Also you can not spell Victory without Victor. He is not so much a man than he is a GOD amongt men.
Law: I have two options for my bestman: Joe or Victor?
Uncle Z: You should pick someone who is cooler and far better looking. Someone who is not so much a man than he is a GOD amongt men!
Law: In that case, Victor it is!
by RighteousTruth June 24, 2013
Tall dark and sexy with mesmerising eyes. A baller on and off the courts. Men want to be him and women want him in them. He comes across as quiet and shy and you won't know what hit you. He'll control you and you'll like it. Intelligent and aggressive, confident and determined, he gets what he wants while he masters what you like. A freak in bed he'll blow your mind and is better than any lover you ever had. All his exes still want him and will never get over him. The woman he marries will suck his nipples and love oral sex. She'll be his only soulmate and he will love her forever.
She's been on cloud 9 since she got herself a Victor.

He thought he was a playa til he ran into that Victor.

She needs Victor rehab.
by MellyMel March 04, 2012

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