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When your doing a girl in the booty hole you look at a spy camera, mirror, or friends hiding in the closet giving the arnold poze while participating in the jackhammer.
Man that Victor Fred did while doing Tasfu was the greatest, to bad it probably was the 5th guy today.
by vcorleone May 11, 2008
62 181
a slang term used for vicodin over the phone
yo...you chillen with victor?
by angelinaaaa ;-) January 12, 2006
63 184
A slang term describing a white-washed immigrant
The man walking into the American Eagle Outfitters store just hopped the border yesterday, proving he is a typical victor.
by Malaquias July 13, 2006
106 229
Clueless gypsy with incestuous temptations towards his mom.
-Yesterday I got lost and shagged my mother. I pulled off a Victor!
by captainbang March 25, 2009
36 160
When two gents decide to engage in oral and or anal sex. After each of them climax in either mouth or ass they will proceed to suck the ejaculatory matter out and begin a sow balling process.
Hey did you know Isaac and Mike are gay? I accidently saw them pull a Victor with each other. Man that shit grossed me out but I couldn’t help watch the anal play.
by Fast Freddie69 May 19, 2008
22 153
dirty mexican
Victor is a dirty mexican who does yard work.
And gets under paid.
by GFangsta May 17, 2009
76 211
The name Victor comes from the ancient Latin word No-lifus! Victors have a tendency to be No-lifes and often look like Shrek. They spend there days in front screens and when there finnished playing gay games like "Online Football Manager" which makes them lamer than they naturaly are!
dude! hes a victor!
by Some Dude making fun of names April 28, 2009
21 157