Victor has really bad ball sweat and has STD's!!!
victor= ewww
by gogogog February 04, 2011
VICTOR is an original band that was formed sometime in 2005. Their music is created from a blend of modern rock, punk, and progressive metal. Their energy-driven sound is a blend of searing rock/metal riffs and melodic vocal harmonies. The music scene veterans of VICTOR combine their own personal music influences to form a truly unique sound. Their songs have catchy hooks and unexpected changes that always keep the crowd interested.
Victor is a band from Melbourne Florida that seriously kicks ass.
by kalibaras November 28, 2007
When your doing a girl in the booty hole you look at a spy camera, mirror, or friends hiding in the closet giving the arnold poze while participating in the jackhammer.
Man that Victor Fred did while doing Tasfu was the greatest, to bad it probably was the 5th guy today.
by vcorleone May 11, 2008
someone who shows up uninvited could be concidered a synonym for cypress but a victor doesnt invie themse;ves places they just show up.
we should go over there but hes with his girlfriend and i dont wanna be a victor.
by waffles<3 December 03, 2008
To corrupt or ruin or break. Most commonly used when referring to computers or electronics.
Man I really victored up that software install last night!
by jsulli October 05, 2007
A slang term describing a white-washed immigrant
The man walking into the American Eagle Outfitters store just hopped the border yesterday, proving he is a typical victor.
by Malaquias July 13, 2006
a slang term used for vicodin over the phone chillen with victor?
by angelinaaaa ;-) January 12, 2006

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