Usually a male who is nice, funny, and semi attractive. He is mexican and enjoys oreos and soccer. He also usually plays a woodwind instrument, such as the clarinet
Tilley wants Victors cock.
by weinerweinerweiner May 20, 2013
1) Cutest little angel ever.
2) Adorable and makes the best food.
"I love you, Victor~"
by UnityKitsune February 04, 2012
N. An awesome cook, one who can prepare any dish, Sleek, confident male. Adj. Delicious, delectible, addicting
He is such a Victor in the kitchen!

That cake is so Victor! I want another slice!
by UnderTheInfluence82 July 20, 2011
a hairy ass puerto rican dude with droopy balls that lies about literally everything in his life and is low-key broke as fuck
"Damn that guy is such a victor"

" i know i feel so bad for him."
by xxsw@ggxx February 22, 2015
Victor when translated to old Hebrew means, "Little Turd". Generally a small in stature person, who has a somewhat rank smell emanating from them. Quick to anger and get upset when told of this meaning.
I think Victor was Jesus's least favorite disciple, that little turd.
by John Brown Sr. October 13, 2014
A slang term for the pain pill vicodin
Hey Jimmy Do You Have Any Victors To Get Me Motivated So I Can Clean The House Before Sammy Comes Home
by Victorino's November 03, 2010
A badas nigga wo does what he wants when he wants, gets everything he wants and every girl falls for him by seeing him once. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him.
why are you staring
that guy looks like a victor
by Cracheres April 13, 2014

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