Usually a male who is nice, funny, and semi attractive. He is mexican and enjoys oreos and soccer. He also usually plays a woodwind instrument, such as the clarinet
Tilley wants Victors cock.
by weinerweinerweiner May 20, 2013
N. An awesome cook, one who can prepare any dish, Sleek, confident male. Adj. Delicious, delectible, addicting
He is such a Victor in the kitchen!

That cake is so Victor! I want another slice!
by UnderTheInfluence82 July 20, 2011
An amazing guy who will always be there for you whenever you need him. He has the biggest heart and will easily be there for you. He will never hesitate to comfort you and make you feel like you're the center of the universe. He was raised with manners and is the sweetest gentleman you will come across in your lifetime. He is also very handsome and is popular amongst everyone.
I never want to lose Victor
by Hirlfriend April 13, 2016
A male who acts like a father/old man even though he is young. Victor's tend to like the supernatural, and have a funny laugh. They also have a tendency to appreciate sarcasm. Victor's are amazing friends and you'd be lucky to meet one. They also tend to be short and can be roasted easily, and tend to become a meme within friend groups.
Girl: Dude, that guy acts like my dad, even though my dad is taller.
Boy: Yeah, but he's pretty funny.
Girl: His name must be Victor.
by Ultimate Salty Kitty Cunt July 06, 2016
Victor is another word for peanuts.
I love to eat my victor day and night. I go savage when it comes to victor.
by CBD ninja July 05, 2016
A badas nigga wo does what he wants when he wants, gets everything he wants and every girl falls for him by seeing him once. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him.
why are you staring
that guy looks like a victor
by Cracheres April 13, 2014
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