While in a club, for a few hours straight you are jumping up and down, climbing the walls, pounding your fists against the wall, stomping your feet, screaming, wanting to rip your brain out of your god damn fucking skull, looking at your friends going "whatttttttttt?" Because the beats are so ridiculous, completely sober, because you don't need to do anything and wouldn't even bother stopping what you are doing never the less turning around to do so, and you look at the rest of the club and everyone else is doing the same thing.
The VIBE at JPs party was amazing last night.
Today's club scene lacks the VIBE it used to have.
by DaveKers January 26, 2006
feel d vibe!!!! vibe is the name of a fit person in oldham.
"hi kammy, hi VIBE, hi hu eva else is here"
by spider June 16, 2004
to feel the effects of ecstasy
1. man, I be vibe'n.
2. do you want to vibe.
by vibe'n June 01, 2006
a person's name, a really fit lad from oldham.
"hiya 'vibe' what r udoin 2 day?"
by spider June 16, 2004
ghey fagzor that loves teh cock.
Vibes eats soo muck cock, he cannotget the taste of cum out of his mouth.
by dogmega September 16, 2004
(Noun) a sense or feeling about a person, place or thing

(verb) to agree with, like, or get along with
I'm not getting good vibes from this cake.

Yo, she and I are totally vibing.
by davibez December 21, 2014

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