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A turtler is someone in RTS (real time strategy) games who likes to set up base defences first in order to secure an expanding production line.

This type of behavior usually provides an advantage near the end of the game, since this player will have the more efficient production setup compared to the player that is forced to rush him out in order to take him out.

When two players are in a duel and they're both turtle-ing... be prepared for a long silent beginning of the match and a climactic ending..
I'm a turtler, since if I am not taken out early-game, I will dominate.
by cappie2000 October 20, 2009
A shortened / abbreviated 2 syllable version of the standard 'WTF' which is composed of 3 syllables. Most known for its use by Eric Cartman, a fictional character of a boy from the animated cartoon series South Park.

TFQ differs from WTF in such a way that TFQ is often used for repeated situations of amazement or disappointment, whereas WTF is most commonly used as the first way of expressing ones level of amazement (or disappointment).
"so she sat down and started to piss, and the bastard drunk it all!"
- "WTF"
"yeah, and then she took a shit in his mouth"
- "dude...TFQ... that just ain't cool... she didn't even properly introduce herself.."
by cappie2000 November 09, 2009

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