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Vaginal herpes that occurs only in the brains of gay men. It is terminal.

Not to be confused with "virtual herpes."
Joy McCosh: It's been non-stop love making for 4 days now D:
Adrieeler Nnewh-McCosh: LIES. You have verpes.
Joy McCosh: Verpies? Is that virtual herpes?
Adrieeler Nnewh-McCosh: Vaginal herpes, duh.
Joy McCosh: Ah, okay. I didn't know I could get vaginal herpes, but kthx.
Adrieeler Nnewh-McCosh: You can, but it's a terminal illness of the brain. *sighs* you should have set it to Wumbo...
by Adrieeler Nnewh-McCosh January 02, 2011