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3 definitions by bbooaatt

Similar to the word "shart", only this occurs when you burp and vomit in your mouth.
(person 1)- Oh gross, I just verped!
(person 2)- haha. that sucks!
by bbooaatt June 27, 2011
The biggest lake in NJ that consists of over 70 miles of shoreline. The lake is populated with drunken jet skiers, guidos in high powered cigarette boats and lots of other people taking their boat out for a ride. The lake becomes very choppy and crazy on weekends and worse on holiday weekends.
Hey, lets take the jet ski out on lake hopatcong this weekend.
by bbooaatt June 27, 2011
That guy that answers the phone when you call a 1-800 number.
You have reached Microsoft customer service, how may I help you?
- I know your Indian but please speak English
by bbooaatt June 27, 2011