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when you have two people, in doggy style next to each other on the ground, then you proceed to bang them in the ass, switching on the beat to We Like to Party by the Venga Boys. The song must be on in the background to make this an official "Venga Bus"
"Wow dude, did you hear that Zoe and Hayley got Venga bus'd by Maverick?"

"That bitch is a freak! I venga bus'd her and her brother last night. It was pretty in-fucking-tense."
by ZoHay August 07, 2008
A minibus used by Lancaster University Sailing Club for travelling to events and training
nothing is better then a west kirby raping in the back of the vengabus
by rob kennett October 28, 2010
A woman's vagina. adapted from the song "Vengabus" by pop group Vengaboys: "...the Vengabus is coming and everybody's jumping"
When she bent over, I could see right up her skirt and I'm pretty sure I could see her vengabus!
by Docmantis November 11, 2005
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