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The Vell-os are descended from an Indian prince named Vell-os and his followers who left Earth 2977 years before the game begins, around 980 AD, using their telepathic powers. They now have sophisticated telepathic powers, which are assisted by their biomechanical nanites. Their nanites are produced by an additional organ, which is the only physical difference between the Vell-os and other humans. Among their abilites are thought-speech, mind-reading, confusion of minds, and the creation of projections of mental power which they use instead of ships and weapons. Vell-os and ordinary humans can interbreed, but the resulting child is always Vell-os.

The Vell-os were members of the former Colonial Council for several centuries. However, after they intervened and destroyed a Colonial Council expeditionary force sent to conquer the Polarans, the Vell-os were defeated and enslaved by the Council using mind control and anti-telepathic devices. They are now used as a weapon by the Federation, but live in hope of a future of freedom predicted in the Korrell Prophecy. Their storyline begins with a delivery mission to Earth found in the Mission BBS.
You are surprised to feel a tap on your shoulder as you exit your ship, and you turn to see the traditional long hair of a Vell-os standing some meters away off to your right beckoning you over...
by Nova July 01, 2004
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