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The first ship to be formed by a Vell-os in Escape Velocity: Nova.

When a Vell-os has completed his or her basic training in the psi arts, one of the first things they attempt to construct is the delicate Dart. Like all Vell-os 'ships', she is actually a pure psychic barrier that protects the Vell-os pilot within. It is perfectly formed for hyperspace travel (nearly matching the beautiful Wraith), and will remain intact as long as enough of the mental energy of the Vell-os remains.
As soon as you land you can sense Llyrell waiting for you and quickly go through your post-flight routine before disembarking from your ship and making your way over to meet him.

<it is time to show you how to travel follow me>

You cannot help but feel a little excitement as he leads you to the spacedock and out onto a vacant pad where he immediately forms a protective barrier around himself, and you recognize the familiar shape of the Vell-os Dart. As you continue to observe he shows you how to focus your mental energy into an elegant beam of pure physical power.

After allowing his newly created ship to dissolve around him he guides your mind into new ways of manipulating the universe around you. Within a few minutes you learn the basics behind twisting missile guidance systems against themselves, how to sense the physical size of ships around you as well as their intent towards you and how to reach out with your mind to learn more about the general nature about nearby systems.

Finally he teaches you how to twist the space around you to create a hole through which you can enter hyperspace and travel the spaceways.
by Nova July 01, 2004
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