The most badass Saiyajin ever to walk the surfac of the Earth, Naamek, etc. The only worthwhile reason watch DBZ.
After Vegeta anally raped Goku, he spurted his Super Saiyajin cum in the fucker's eye.
by sux0r August 15, 2003
Vegeta (n) is a versatile, unique stock powder which has been created through a process of careful selection of vegetables, herbs and spices. It brings out the aroma and adds a full flavour to any savoury meal, while not overpowering the original flavour of your chosen ingredients.
Mix 1 teaspoon of Vegeta (3 g) with 1 cup (250 ml) of hot water and use as a soup base or liquid stock for other meals.
by bzy May 22, 2008
Goku's pupil.
Vegeta: It´s over nine-thousaaaaand!!!
by Grotte July 25, 2008
A description or term describing an uneducated or narrow minded person with the equivalent intelligence of a garden vegetable...
"You must be so posh that you live somewhere like backingham palace or summat like that"
by Cookie January 06, 2005
The most overrated guy in DBZ. Compared to Goku isn't worth a rotten vegetable (vegetable, lulz got it?), and has way too much fans to be the second in everything almost on a daily basis. The only thing wich saves him is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!!!
Vegeta: Inconceivable! Kakarot can't be stronger than... *Gets a molten titanium bar shoved up his ass*
by That guy! look! January 08, 2008

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