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Also known as "VD" (commonly mistaken with venereal disease), Vegas Depression comes about about a month or less after coming home from a trip to Las Vegas. It will hit you out of the blue and it is hard to get rid of. A common symptom of VD is going onto or to look at prices of trips. The only cure* to Vegas Depression is to go back to Vegas. VD is something you cannot get rid of no matter how many times you go.

*cure- meaning not so much of a cure but something to help the pain (only while you are in Vegas)
Tommy: "Yo, I have VD really bad!"

Will: "What the fuck, that's sick!"

Tommy: "No, I have Vegas depression. I was sitting at my shitty job today and it just hit me out of the blue."

Will: "Shit, I'm depressed now."

Tommy: "Oh well, I guess we can check prices on Expedia."

Will: "Word."
by Okyamot February 19, 2009
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