Used in instant messengers to indicate readiness to meet at the elevators on an office floor and get the hell out of the building; often used by people in cube farms to rendezvous.
Mike: Vators?
Paul: Vators.
by martimic August 03, 2006
Top Definition
(VAY-TORE) Slang terminollagy replacing the word elevator.Often found in residential houses with a grandma liuetennant patrol officer charging $.05 cents a ride. This is no normal vator, your life will change after riding the vator. And your expieriences will not end until the day you die.

producers of the definition VATOR
Dewy, and John Stat from Mentor, OH Copyright© May 2006

Hey whuts up? I was just seein if u were "down" to vade tonight?, you know hop on that vator

by Stat, and Dewi May 29, 2006
Short for elevator. Slang among Rice University students.
Hold the vator!
by owlatrice April 27, 2004
A nickname for Aviator style sunglasses.
If you're heading to the shore today, don't forget to pack your vator's.
by PArtemus April 06, 2010
A dumb retard in a gay ass black suit who has a screwed up face and a chooped off arm(anakan fuckin skyfucker)
Man screw this movie its got vator in it
by u8hyguyghj February 01, 2003
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