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Surname with Dutch, German, and Scandinavian origin. Comes from the German first name "Warinheer" meaning army gaurd. Many of our ancestors came from Germany as Werners and settled in Pennsylvania as Warners and are now (most of us) Varners. If this is your last name youre probably really white or black. This is becasue Varners owned plantations in the carolinas and, when the slaves went free they addopted the last name Varner as their own. Typical nick names include "varndog", "Varney", and "Hitler's favorite."
"Var-ner Var-ner Var-ner" -large crowds

"What up varndog?"

"Greg Varner has a ridiculously huge cock." -the hot bitches
by Greg Varner November 06, 2007
The act of Throwing up in a stair well or on stairs
"Dude I just threw up on the Stair well"

"Dude you just pulled a Varner"
by ghkgfh May 23, 2008