The Cleanest, Most Icey Shoe Out there. Skater shoes, What real Nigguhs wear. Est. 1996 The original old school skater shoes and popular among bboyers. Thick soles, checkered, All diff. colors like rainbows.
by BBoySwagg July 27, 2009
A really large person. Usually ugly as well.
That van was blocking my way at the deli.
by DiVonnie September 29, 2005
the most fucked up shoe a person can have
i mean they are FUCKED UP, i mean they are like omega shit clompers
but if your gonna get vans, dont get the checkered kinds
i got my vans on and they look like sneakers
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
1) Multiple of van

2) A "skate shoe" worn by teenage fans of heavy music.
"Those vans are decked out with 22" rims and doggie tails"

"Vans are wider than the smile on my face when I laugh at people who wear them"
by Gumba Gumba March 10, 2004
Actually, vans are a lot cheaper than Reebok or Nike. They are also made of cheaper materials and worn bu the un-exoteric social outcasts.
I wouldn't wear vans even if you payed me to. I'll stick with my Reebok Classics, thank-you very much.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
Awful skate company. Ever "hip" teen today wears Vans because they want to look like a skater. See Etnies.
eS shoes are WAY better than Vans poseur shoes
by Cat who shat May 31, 2004
Yeo Vans R HORRILBE shoes dat real niggaz dnt wear...the pack is made up of 4 wanna b keblirs that need 2 get outtah hurr cuz dey r makin a bad name 4 blacks HAHAHAHA but yea vans r MOOKED!!!!!!
get @ Me if u wanna hate off D COLDEST
me-Wat R THOSE
skater fag-VANS
me-fuck outta here wit dem van jons
me-i rock dem Air jays b get outta here b4 i beat yo ass up b
skater fag-ok fine
by DaCOLDEST187 October 06, 2006

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