Yeo Vans R HORRILBE shoes dat real niggaz dnt wear...the pack is made up of 4 wanna b keblirs that need 2 get outtah hurr cuz dey r makin a bad name 4 blacks HAHAHAHA but yea vans r MOOKED!!!!!!
get @ Me if u wanna hate off D COLDEST
me-Wat R THOSE
skater fag-VANS
me-fuck outta here wit dem van jons
me-i rock dem Air jays b get outta here b4 i beat yo ass up b
skater fag-ok fine
by DaCOLDEST187 October 06, 2006
The stupidest brand of shoe ever invented! Only people that have no sense of fashion wear these. They are also Timko lovers! They are usually men who like big cocks!
The kid in the front row of math class staring at Timko and with retarted slip on Vans!
by Paco456 March 23, 2006
The gayest brand ever for emos and rockers they are cheap for a reason the pack is made up of four fags that give the bay a bad name no rappers wear vans u ever see tupac in some vans or wut about snoop no that nigga wear chucks.Vans are shoes that will last a long time but overall they suck they look like a polka dot piece of shit.
Got my pumas cuz dey real sneakers
got my nikes on cuz dey real sneakers
got my jordans on cuz dey real sneakers
fuck vans shoes them skateboard sneakers.
by fuckvans August 26, 2006
A poser shoe that needs to fuck off
Vans are poser shoes and posers were them. I HATE vans!!!
by Kate Rossow November 27, 2003

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